Steel Fabrication

Our plant utilizes the latest high-tech machinery, and cutting edge computer driven processes. The most important components of our fabrication capacity are the over 125 highly skilled employees working throughout our plant. Our employees are truly craftsmen whose skills, knowledge, and passion are poured into each piece that leaves the plant.

Tour our 70,000 sq. ft. home

View an extended tour through our York, SC 70k sq. ft. workspace.



From 50 ton medical office buildings up to 8000 ton data centers, we cover it all.

Stairs & Rails

There’s not a stair, rail type or custom configuration that we haven’t fabricated. We pride ourselves on this specialty.

Specialty Metals

Need custom monumental stairs? We create them… along with stainless, glass, bronze, and brass rails.

Other Products

We can handle projects other fabricators simply can’t, like custom canopies and 200 feet long pedestrian bridges.